Who we are 

At "surfer's wife", we combine our love for cooking and the values that guide our plant-based lifestyle:care for the environment, healthy nutrition, and maintaining  responsible food choices.

Over a 6 months period, we worked on perfecting the recipe of our flagship item: the "Fawaffle", a healthy twist on falafel, Israel's most popular street food. Instead of the traditional deep frying of the falafel, we, at Surfer's wife, bake it in a waffle iron, where it got its catchy name.

Since 2017, we are located at the different Farmlovers farmers markets around the island of Oahu. We offer 3 flavors of Fawaffles, along with classic Middle-Eastern side dishes.


In addition to the fact that all of our food is plant-based and Gluten free, our plates are colorful and happy, and are accompanied by a variety of unique sauces.